What is KeyQwik?

KeyQwik is a keypad with 24 normal sized keys, each of which has been programmed to perform tasks in a single press that would normally requires multiple key presses. Each key on the keypad is called a QwikKey.

 How do I choose what each QwikKey can do?

We have pre-selected devices ready to go. You simply need to choose whether you want a purely clinical solution or one with QwikKeys for other uses, such as Teams or Zoom calls.

We have also created a Store which allows you to browse available QwikKeys. There is a free bundle of 12 QwikKeys that you can add to your device which is bespoke for the GP clinical system of your choosing.  These are commonly used function keys but by having them on KeyQwik, with easily identifiable icons, it removes the need to memorise what the different buttons do.  You can then pick another 12 from the store.  Alternatively, you can pick all 24 individually and not rely on the bundle. 

Can I create my own QwikKey if it's not listed in the store?

Yes - if there is something you want a QwikKey to do that isn't available in the store, then go to "Request a new QwikKey" on the menu on the left. We will then add this QwikKey to your device.

Is there a limit to the number of QwikKeys I request?

No - If you want 24 QwikKeys that don't yet exist on the store, we'll add all of them to your device, at no cost.

Can I list the QwikKey on the store for others to select?

Yes - we will offer this to you if the QwikKey you suggest is generic and likely to be useful for others.  You will earn 50% of the QwikKey price (not including VAT) every time a user selects it for their own device.

What operating system does the device work with?

KeyQwik works with Windows but not any iOS devices.

How do you install it?

You just plug it into a standard USB port and you are good to go!

Is the KeyQwik device portable?

Yes! You can keep it with you to plug into the computer you're using that day:- Perfect when you don't have a regular clinic room and especially for locums working across multiple practices.  A protective case is available should you need it.

Can you use one KeyQwik device on different clinical systems?

The keypad has 24 keys so yes, in theory you could select 12 for one system and 12 for another for example.

Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

Yes - please email support@keyqwik.com and we'll be in touch.