KeyQwik - Vision+Zoom+MS Teams

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For those who spend a lot of time on Zoom and Teams here's the combination for you!  The top row is Zoom, the bottom is Teams, and everything in between is Vision 


  1. Screen Share
  2. Hand up
  3. Toggle Mute all
  4. Toggle Mute on/off


  1. List Medical History
  2. Search Record
  3. Show Acute Therapy
  4. Show Repeat Therapy
  5. Add Therapy
  6. Issue and finalise therapy
  7. New Consultation
  8. Add history
  9. Close Consultation
  10. Toggle Windows
  11. Toggle Tab left
  12. Toggle tab right
  13. Open last patient
  14. Open standard letter
  15. Local guideline index
  16. Local report index

MS Teams

  1. Compose Message
  2. Hand up
  3. Toggle Camera on/off
  4. Toggle Mute on/off