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It's so satisfying to hit a single button to copy or paste! Users love the simply Windows functions, so we've dedicated 4 keys to just that!  The remaining 20 keys all work within SystmOne as follows:

  1. View Appointments
  2. Address Book
  3. Find a Patient
  4. Retrieve Patient Record
  5. View co-habitants
  6. Search Patient Record
  7. Go to Favourites
  8. View Pathology
  9. Open pathology browser (e.g. ICE)
  10. Open Patient Task List
  11. View your task List
  12. Add a new Task
  13. Open eMed3
  14. Add a reminder
  15. Add a notification
  16. Add a recall
  17. Save Patient Record
  18. View menu options from currently selected option, line or tree node
  19. Toggle list of screens
  20. Lock SystmOne


  1. Undo
  2. Redo
  3. Copy
  4. Paste