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With this version, the bottom 4 Keys are dedicated to MS Teams - we especially love being able to Mute quickly!  The remaining keys all work within SystmOne as follows:

  1. View Appointments
  2. Address Book
  3. Find a Patient
  4. Retrieve Patient Record
  5. View co-habitants
  6. Search Patient Record
  7. Go to Favourites
  8. View Pathology
  9. Open pathology browser (e.g. ICE)
  10. Open Patient Task List
  11. View your task List
  12. Add a new Task
  13. Open eMed3
  14. Add a reminder
  15. Add a notification
  16. Add a recall
  17. Save Patient Record
  18. View menu options from currently selected option, line or tree node
  19. Toggle list of screens
  20. Lock SystmOne

MS Teams:

  1. Compose Message
  2. Raise Hand
  3. Toggle Camera On/Off
  4. Toggle Mute On/Off